Benefits to ASA Players, Parents, and Coaches through the Partnership with Liverpool FCIAA Maryland


  • Full access to a professional technical director to guide our players & coaches and allow ASA to "train and play the Liverpool way" (never before at ASA)
  • Full access to the Liverpool FC (Premier League) youth academy curriculum by which current English youth players use from ages 8-18 train under to form the player pool for Liverpool FC. Please note, this is not a US Development academy, which is usually a local club who has applied and been approved to be a member club of the US Development academy. Think of this as a complete roadmap for ASA and Liverpool FCIAA players and coaches to follow to produce quality players at every level. (club, high school college & pro)
  • Professional Coaching staff available to run sessions and coaching clinics for ASA coaches and players. For the first time, truly a step in the right direction for coaching education and direction.
  • Liverpool will be provide coaches access to the psychological training to required to produce not only an elite Futballer, but also a well rounded, positive young man or woman
  • ASA will gain access to the physical & strength training curriculum used by Liverpool FC and Liverpool FCIAA
  • ASA will become the vessel for youth players ages 8 and above to have the "in road" line to the Academy team at Liverpool FCIAA. We recently developed the Liverpool Pre-Academy, which will have a Pre Academy Director and on staff at Liverpool to ensure ASA kids and coaches have a liaison and resource if they choose to "play the Liverpool way". And, the Pre-Academy will be a perfect transition for ASA Travel and High Level County players to compete for a future spot on an Academy roster. This is Unique to Liverpool Maryland, and only ASA will benefit from this addition to the LFCIAA Model
  • ASA can learn from a top notch NCAA college recruiting system that nationally is producing over 80% NCAA college players at Liverpool. ASA also gains valuable connections with the entire Liverpool coaching staff to help groom players to become more a more attractive recruit (physical, tactical, psycological)
  • For Liverpool coaches, they are held fully accountable by the LFCIAA technical director to develop players and produce a certain quality of soccer player and team. If coaches do not produce, they are released by Liverpool.  ASA will have access to this same technical direction and hope coaches will adapt the system and train in a proven model to help their players aspire to the Academy Ranks, or simply be the best player they can be at the level they are comfortable.
  • ASA can mirror the LFCIAA model which produces a quality player and demands continuity from top to bottom. No other club in the region can match this model.  Other elite clubs are siloed, and the coach runs his team the way he chooses. This is not always a bad thing, but there is no accountability for the coach, and no consistent level of play and many teams fold and jump from club to club.   ASA will "play the liverpool way".

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