Back to Soccer Day Meeting

Organizational Meeting for Rec Program Players

    ASA will hold the organizational Back To Soccer Day meeting for Rec players, coaches and parents on Saturday, September 8th.  This meeting is for all to get organized and start the season.

    Meeting times are noted below:

    9AM: Seniors and Mini Coaches
    9:30  Seniors Players (Cafeteria)
    9:30  Minis Players (Field by cafeteria entrance)
    10:15 Juniors Coaches
    10:45 Juniors Players
    12:00 Clinic Coaches
    12:30 Clinic Players

    This meeting is for all to get organized and start the season.  Coaches will receive gear and materials and can meet with all players.  Rec practices may begin after the meeting day.  Players may receive contact from coaches just prior to the meeting, but otherwise see rosters posted at the meeting itself.  If you miss the meeting, don’t worry! Coaches must have 100% contact by Sunday evening (phone, email or in person)

    Please be available at your start times, but try not to arrive too early.  Large groups of players and parents are timed to arrive to minimize crowds.  Coaches are scheduled to arrive 30 minutes before players.

    Each group of coaches will also have a short clinic session without players immediately after their age group meeting ends.  Coaches should prepare to spend the extra time with Coach Thomas and trainers.  Sessions will be short and conclude prior to arrival of the following age group coaches.

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