Soccer Coaching and Leadership

Soccer coaches face various challenges that make coaching not always so simple. We are getting much better at learning the game from the coaching aspect through US Soccer, US Youth Soccer and the NSCAA.  Training that most youth coaches can receive is technically better than at any point in the past. However, playing soccer well or knowing the game well are not enough by themselves.  That purely soccer aspect is barely a start point, and coaches need to be more complete as teachers and leaders on and off the field.  Unfortunately, the part about coaching that isn't between the touch lines is lacking.
The truly effective and valuable coaches are easy to spot.  They are technically competent, but they also are the kind that communicate well, seem to attract people from everywhere and still achieve results.  You know the kind - they have one team that attracts players easy enough to turn into two or three teams.  The players seek these teams and the players develop. The team can be elite competitive U18, or U8's just starting to really learn, but the masterfully effective coach somehow works no matter what the team age.  Other coaches seem left to struggle.  Why does that happen?

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