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Welcome:  Thank you for coaching or considering coaching with Arundel Soccer.  This page provides details about current club coaches, what the general requirements are for coaches, what training is available, what to expect before the start of the season, and what ASA will provide to help you before and during the season.  It also outlines what ASA is looking for with a "Club coach" approach.

Who to contact:  Returning and new coaches should contact the ASA Vice President of Coaching and Player Development, Marlowe Guy

Who are ASA coaches:  Arundel Soccer Association is a mix of qualified parent coaches and professional coaches at all levels. Coaches may be volunteer or paid depending on ability and experience.  All coaches are led by professional coaches with experience at Pro soccer and college soccer level.  All head coaches of any league teams ASA fields are licensed by US Youth Soccer and 100% of travel team coaches are licensed. 

When to Sign-up:  Rec and County league coaches should be registered online through the ASA database and volunteer each season.  Coaches should sign up EARLY in June/July or December/January so that ASA can establish the team structures well in advance. Returning coaches should also indicate their interests for the following season at the end of the current season.

What is ASA looking for:  Arundel Soccer Association is looking for our kids to have fun playing the game and learn as much as they can in both skills and teamwork.  We are also looking for our coaches to get as much benefit and enjoyment from their teams as possible.  To do both, ASA is promoting a "Club Coach" model where we work to have all our coaches be proficient at teaching and coaching the game, and where coaching is consistent from season to season so that children learn fundamentals by reinforcing methods as they get older.  Some children play one or two seasons, or in Fall but not Spring, while others start at 4 years old and play straight on through high school and college.  Consistent coaching, while still leaving plenty of room for creativity and fun, is the key for all kids in any circumstances.  It is ASA’s constant objective.  To do this, ASA establishes the framework and elements that emphasize basic techniques that are age appropriate.  ASA sets training requirements, and also provides free materials to coaches that emphasize basic age appropriate techniques, and gives sample practice plans that give both general "themes" for your age group, and specific exercises that have proven effective.

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