Congratulations for your 2012 Achievements

  Congratulations to the following current and former players and teams for their 2012 performances and accomplishments on the soccer field.

  Christine Nairn, NCAA 2012 D1 Championship Finalist with Penn State, ASA Chesapeake Charge 2012
  Christine Nairn, NCAA Big 10 Midfielder of The Year, ASA Chesapeake Charge 2012
  Ashley Spivey, 2012 All-ACC Freshman team, University of Maryland, ASA Chesapeake Charge 2012
  Michael Kovach, MVP 2012 D3 Champions Messiah College, ASA Azul Real/ASA Premier ’93
  Gregg Hauck, 2012 All-County, All-Maryland, Washington Post All Met, Balt Sun All-Met, ASA Premier/Ajax
  Jake Miller, 2012 All-County, All-Maryland, ASA United ’94
  Drew Rickey, 2012 All-County, All-Maryland, ASA Premier/Ajax
  Christian Von Rautenkranz, 2012 All-County, All-Maryland, ASA Premier
  Mark Woodard, 2012 All-County, ASA United ’94/ASA Ajax
  Ryan Keeter, 2012 Coaches All-County, ASA United ’94
  Ryan Weakland, 2012 Coaches All-County, ASA United ’94
  Meekah Baker, 2012 Coaches All-County, Washington Post All-Met, ASA Premier
  Brett Hudson, 2012 Coaches All-County, ASA United ’94
  Dan Peckaitis, 2012 Coaches All-Couty, ASA United ’94
  Collin Santos, 2012 Coaches All-County, ASA United ’94
  Sean Martin, 2012 Coaches All County, ASA Elite ’94
  Jake Mckenzie, 2012 Coaches All-County, ASA United ’94
  Noah Blacker, 2012 Coaches All-County, ASA Elite ’94
  Andrew Dulac, 2012 All-Bayside, ASA United ’94
  Kyle Dean, 2012 All-Bayside, ASA Premier/Ajax
  Cameron Shepard, 2012 All-Bayside, ASA Premier/Ajax
  Samantha Kirk, 2012 All-County, ASA Vipers
  Vickie Connor, 2012 All-County, ASA Vipers
  Emani Silva, 2012 All-County, ASA Blast
  Laikyn Duffy, 2012 All-County, ASA Vipers
  Kelly Patterson, 2012 All-County, ASA Vipers
  Jaime Tacka, 2012 All-County, ASA Baxter's Blue Flame
  Kaitlyn maher, 2012 All-County, ASA Baxter's Blue Flame

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