Fall Unlimited Registration Runs Through 26 August

Space available on 27 August

   ASA registration for all Rec/Development, County and Grassroots Program Players is open online.  The registration flyer is available here.  You can register from this link or from the Members/Registration side-menu.

   Rec Program players should be registered prior to August 26 to receive discounted registration and to ensure there is room available.  County players should register before 11 August.  Grassroots Program players should register as soon as possible since there is limited space, and when it is filled, registration will be closed.  When open registration ends on Aug 26th, ASA will still continue to take registrations where space is available.  We regret we can accept no special requests afrter August 26th, so take advantage of open registration before the deadline!

   The spring Rec season begins with Back to Soccer Day meeting on September 8th and first games are on Saturday, September 22 at Arundel Middle School.  A complete sumary of the season can be downloaded here.

  Please note that Rec registration is based on soccer age, and that players are automatically added to Clinic, Juniors and Seniors appropriately.  Exceptions can be made.  Please see instructions.

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Phone: (410) 690-4109
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