National Adult League Men's U23 ASA Premier

June and July Matches at Arundel HS

   Arundel Soccer has joined the US Club Soccer National Adult League, playing in the Northeast Division.  Arundel Soccer U23 ASA Premier will play in June and July in the NAL at Arundel HS in the stadium.

    ASA Premier is joining the following teams in NAL/Northeast:

TSF (Lincoln Park, NJ)
New Jersey Wildcats (Princeton, NJ)
FC Copa (Highland Park/Rutgers, NJ)
Soccer Plus NY (Hudson Valley, NY)
FC Premier (Reading, PA)

Philadelphia United (Philadelphia, PA)
Harrisburg City Islanders (Harrisburg, PA)
ASA Premier (Maryland)
Junior Lone Star FC (Philadelphia, PA)

The game schedule is:

June 5:  Harrisburg City Islanders vs. ASA Premier – 5.30pm, Harrisburg
June 15: ASA Premier vs. Harrisburg City Islanders – 12pm, Arundel HS
June 26: ASA Premier vs. Junior Lone Star FC – 5pm, Arundel HS
June 30: Philadelphia United U23 vs. ASA Premier – 1pm, Philadelphia
July 14: ASA Premier vs. Philadelphia United U23 – 7pm, Arundel HS
July 19: Harrisburg City Islanders vs. ASA Premier – 5.30pm, Harrisburg
RainOut: Junior Lone Star FC vs. ASA Premier – TBD, Philadelphia
July 27: NAL Northeast Championship, team #1 North vs Team #1 South, TBD

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