Recreational Coaching in Arundel Soccer

Arundel Soccer always appreciates people who volunteer to be coaches in the Rec/Development program. The kids benefit from adults joining in and helping them learn to play. If you have been a soccer player before, or led people before, or like sports and just want to take part in activities with your child, then we're looking for you. The question also equally is "what can Arundel Soccer do for you?"

Starting out coaching soccer can be daunting. In many places, the volunteer is the guy who just got stuck with the job when everyone else backed away faster.  So, the new volunteer gets maybe a few cones and pinnines, perhaps some soccer balls, and trys to figure it out without much help. It can be sink or swim. That's usually not very good for young players, or the coach, is it?

Let Arundel Soccer help you start coaching in a different way. If you have experience and some modest amount of time to give to kids, we can help you start to coach for a season, or build a longer future pathway for you. Arundel Soccer invests in coaches!  In a nutshell:

ASA Provides Description Cost to you
Example lesson plans Every week, in your email.  Age appropriate, with video and diagrams Free and automatic
Beginner Coach U5/U6 Video Always accessible online video on the fundamentals Free
DVD's Skills School, and age approprite for your team Free
Booklets US Youth Soccer Free
ASA YouTube Channel Instructional videos from certified sources, including ASA Coaching Academy produced video Free
NSCAA Level 2 6 hour optional licensing course Free (reimbursed)
Technical Director Professional level players and college and high school coaches can provide mentoring and help. Free
Coaching Academy Sessions ASA holds coaching sessions on various topics several times per year Free
Young Coach Development Focuses on establishing young coaches age 18 to 15 who have interest in coaching or training with potential to be future club coaches. Includes licensing. Free


If you have an interest, it matters where and how you start! Join in! Volunteer online during registration and email to get started.

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