Moving from Rec/Development to Leagues

    The ASA Rec delopment program is large and provides for lots of opportunity to learn and grow from ages 3 through 10.  It’s fun, frequently challenging, great excercise and starts skill building.  Throughout the Rec program ages though, transitioning is important for the players.  Moving up at the right time keeps players happy and developing.

    So how does that happen?

    The Rec program is an age development path broken into U4, U5/U6, U7/U8 and U9/U10.  Age of the player guides the progression.  That works for most kids, but not for some.  Players can get bored if they play below their ability and maturity level, or be frustrated if they play too high.  As kids age, there’s two kinds of transition - Rec transition and League transition.

Rec Transition

    Rec Transition is normally done whan a player gets older and automatically moves into the next age group.  However, we will consider allowing a child to play up an age if they are mentally and physically ready.  This avoids a child from being unchallanged and getting bored.  We will also allow a child to hold back in an age group once if that player is new to the game or needs some extra time to adjust.  Playing up or down is only done on request of parents.

League Transition

    League transition takes place when a child is old enough and prepared enough to move into league teams outside the Rec Program.  It can occur anytime generally between age 8 and age 10.


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