Super Y Tryouts

Arundel Soccer Super-Y 2017 Tryouts



Call back sessions are “by invitation” only. The times for specific age groups has also changed.


If you are included in any call back sessions, you will receive an email from ASA with the age group, date and time for the Call Back session you should attend.



Based on numbers and talent already presented at the tryouts in January, not all age groups are requiring a call back session.


Some age groups will be sending out offers for positions on specific teams this week.


These offers will also be sent by email and will provide details on the process for accepting a spot on the designated team.



For those who are not invited to a call back session or do not receive an offer letter, you have not been selected at this time to be on one of our SuperY teams for 2017.

If positions open up in the future, you may be contacted again for possible inclusion on a team.

Again, we thank you very much for your interest in the ASA SuperY program for 2017 and hope to see you next year

                                                         Super Y Tryouts Age Groups & Dates








Age Group/Gender





GU12 – 2005

11:30 am-1 pm


By invitation only

GU13 – 2004

11:30 am-1 pm



By invitation only

GU14 – 2003

1-2:30 pm


GU16 – 2002/2001

1-2:30 pm


GU18 – 2000/1999

1-2:30 pm


BU12 – 2005


11:30 am-1 pm

By invitation only


BU13 – 2004


11:30 am-1 pm


BU14 – 2003


11:30 am-1 pm

By invitation only

BU16 – 2002/2001


1-2:30 pm


BU18 – 2000/1999


1-2:30 pm





Try out dates are listed in the table below. All tryouts will be held at the Meade High School turf fields. All interested players must register and complete the online waiver for the ASA Super Y 2017 tryouts online HERE.

All registered players will receive a reminder notification and any weather updates within 24-48 hours of the start of the tryouts.



Teams: The following teams will be formed for the 2017 season:

ASA is hoping to form at least one team in the following age groups: 

Boys U12,13,14,16,18 
Girls U12,13,14,16,18

Birth Year Chart for Super Y:

· U12 – 2005 birth year

· U13 – 2004 birth year

· U14 – 2003 birth year

· U16 – 2002/2001 birth years

· U18 – 2000/1999 birth years


Program Dates: Starts in May and has 8 to 12 games over the summer. Super-Y league play finishes in early August with Super Y National Event Championships (if you qualify) in Tampa, FL area during December.

Practice Locations: Anne Arundel County turf fields

Game locations: Arundel HS, Meade HS or Old Mill HS Turf fields

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