Why Arundel Soccer?

Your kids are important to you.........

Does your kid like to play soccer?  Is your child young enough that they've never played before but want to try?  Looking for healthy, fun way to play outdoors with other people?  Does your child have a real knack for the game?  Do your kids already play soccer but realize that they want to look for more?  Can you child reach their potential?  Is your player looking for not just a team, but a good one?

Arundel Soccer is a full service soccer club in the true sense.  ASA doesn't do anything else.  It doesn't take spring off or just do “clinics".  ASA has players from 3 to 30 something who play in "U4 minis" up to men's and women's semi-pro.  Arundel plays in all league levels from recreational, to "county", to travel, to elite, to Region 1 Premier.  Arundel places teams in open leagues where any team can join, and "closed" leagues where only the best can get in.  Arundel Soccer does everything your child needs, regardless of their age and play level.

Nice words, but there are lots of places to play?  Why Arundel Soccer?

1)  ASA is soccer.  Thats all it does.  The money you spend goes to soccer and your kids.  If you are part of a recreational council, youth organization or Boys and Girls club, then you are paying for a lot of overhead, and a lot of other sports.  Think about it - you're paying for the expensive football program.  Equally, if soccer is not the primary sport in a multi-sport, then odds are great that you're not getting very much attention.  A soccer club is where soccer is king.

2) Better Coaching:  Arundel Soccer uses parent coaches, professional-level parent coaches, and experienced professional coaches.  Maryland State Youth Soccer requires that all head coaches in travel teams be licensed.  Outside of that, there's no requirement that coaches have any experience or training at all.  Arundel Soccer goes steps further than the basic requirements.  In ASA, ALL travel coaches of any kind are required to be licensed, as are all county league coaches within one year of serving.  Recreational coaches are encouraged to meet the state licensing requirements and are highly encouraged to take the youth coaching modules for their age group before licensing.  To prove the point, Arundel Soccer pays for all coach licensing, regardless of kids age/play level. Coaching clinics are offered quarterly, and 100% of coaches in Rec and County leagues are provided free training DVDs, booklets, and online lesson plans.  ASA invests in coaches.  Camps and clinics are great, but there is no substitute for quality coaching over a sustained period. 

3)  League Options and League Success:  Arundel Soccer participates in the following leagues:  Region 1 Premier, Region 1 Colonial, National Premier league/EDP, NCSL, WAGS, CMSSL, and the AA county league.  Arundel Soccer fields championship, finalist and semi-finalist teams in Region 1 Premier, Colonial and State Cup. Arundel Soccer is one of the largest clubs in NCSL, and growing rapidly on both boys and girls sides.  Many teams are elite, premier or super-premier with nationally ranked top 10 and top 20 teams,  Only ASA is in that position in or near AA county.  Arundel Soccer is the 4th largest club in Maryland, and its teams and players are homegrown.  ASA succeeds by building from the ground up, and winning is a by-product of careful work that your kids can take advantage of.

4)  Better Team Opportunities:  Arundel Soccer is blessed with many teams in each age group.  There is no need for a "one-size-fits-all" approach.  You want a team that matches your child's general ability and gives them the opportunity to flourish.   Arundel has teams at various play levels that have a great chance to be a real fit for your child.  The very best place to be for a kid is where they are challenged, but can make real contributions and be a good part of the team.  Kids have fun and develop well where their teammates are similar to themselves.

5)  Excellent cost:  Arundel Soccer at all levels offers a good value.  Recreational families are not paying fee’s to death with "family fees", "valet fees" or "volunteer opt-out fees".  You pay one price, and keep your uniform.  League teams at all levels - either with volunteer or professional coaches - avoid the price gouging common when dollar signs $$$$$ are the priority.  Pay-to-Play excesses are a common problem in travel soccer where you pay dearly for little gain, and often to subsidize some other team or player that isn’t yours – not so with Arundel Soccer.  Of course there are costs and expenses, but Arundel Soccer tries to maintain reasonable costs at all times, and deliver value for the money.  You are the ones who gain.

6)  Club Structure and Experience:  Arundel Soccer is a mix of experienced volunteer and professional coaches and staff.  Naturally, we do work with and train new coaches who are beginning their own development, and provide support with experienced coaches and the club's Technical Director and Development Director.  Parents and players will regularly see and have access to skilled and accomplished people who's job it is to ensure that programs, teams and players are all developing well.  Whether that involves a 4 year old player joining his first team, a 9 year old player looking for advice on beginning travel soccer, a coaching evaluation to make sure coaches can do well with their teams, or a player in High School seeking the pathway to play in college, the structure and individual staff members are there to provide that support.

7) Club Opportunity - Arundel's structure gives opportuinity for all players within one club.  Developing players at any age have opportunities for any play level to match their desire and skill.  Players can transition from Rec to County league to Travel to Premier Travel to Pre-Academy and Academy within one organization.  Any potential can be realized.

8) Player Preparation - Players at many ages seek to be prepared for that "next step" or their next challange. High School tryouts can be a challange.  Staying on a High School team through Varsity and getting playing time can be even harder.  Playing in college at any level requires work.  Smart players who prepare many seasons ahead of their challanges have high chances of success. Arundel Soccer provides all the solid opportunities for players to build themselves for their "next step."  

9)  Club Philosophy - Players Matter: No matter where you are, when it comes down to the bottom line, all players are kids. They have value to themselves, and have a variety of personal needs and desires.  From taking all sorts of "special requests" in Rec to the attentive conduct of tryouts for older players, kids are important people worth making extra effort for and treating with dignity.  If Arundel Soccer does well with this, we also always try to find ways to improve the process.

  • Consistently in the Top Four largest soccer clubs in Maryland
  • Girls U17 repeat as four-time State Champions

  • Girls Region 1 Premier League Girls U14 semi-finalist

  • Boys U14 Region 1 Colonial League Championship

  • Boys U14 and U15 State Cup semi-finalists

  • Boys U16 North American Super-Y Championship

  • Unprecedented five teams achieved Region 1 League status out of six total in AA county.    Region 1 =( (VA, NY, PA, MD, CN, RI, WV, VT, NJ, NH, MASS, Maine, DEL)

  • Largest Maryland Club in NCSL

  • Largest Girls WAGS/Region 1 program in AA County

  • Largest and Highest Ranked Boys NCSL/Region 1 program in AA county - exceeding all others   combined

  • Selection to US Club Soccer National Premier League/EDP and USL Super-Y League

  • Widespread entry of players into ODP and into college teams

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Arundel Soccer Association
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Phone: (410) 690-4109
Email: info@arundelsoccer.com

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