Coach Conduct

Leading and Setting the Example

   Arundel Soccer places great value on high standards of conduct for coaches.  Your appearance, demeanor, language, personal discipline and attitude on the sideline have a great influence on youth players.  As well, it is also highly seen by others outside ASA, and as such, you represent the club by your manner of coaching.

   Arundel has both paid and volunteer coaching.  Whether you are a heavily experienced coach or new, you've stepped into a trusted leadership role with youth players.  A code of conduct is in place to help you understand the importance of the trust placed in you, and what is expected of you by players, parents and club leadership.


     As a coach, I recognize that coaches are role models for their team members and all participants involved in the activity, and that sports help to develop a sense of teamwork, self-worth and sportsmanship. As such, I agree to abide by the

  • I will lead by example in demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play to all my players before, during and after every game.
  • I will dress and appear in a professional manner during games, and in appropriate attire for practices.
  • I will tend to my own development as a coach by particiapting in clinics, licensing classes or by other event and materials provided by MSYSA, NSCAA, local training organizations or Arundel Soccer.
  • I will not harass the game officials in any manner. I will treat the game officials with respect and ensure that my players, spectators and supporters do the same.
  • I will provide an environment for my team that is free of tobacco, drugs and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all youth sports events.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of all children on my team and on my opponent’s team ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • I will treat each player as an individual and keep in mind the large range of emotional development within the same age group.
  • I will do my best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all my players and lead to skills development.
  • I will do my best to provide a safe playing environment for all players on the field. I will never knowingly permit an injured player to play or return to the game without proper medical approval.
  • I will ensure that all equipment used by my players is safe and conforms to the rules of the game. I will not allow illegal or unsafe equipment to be used in the game.
  • I will ensure that my players are supervised by myself or another designated adult, and I will never allow my players to be left unattended at a game or practice.
  • I will remember that I am a youth sports coach and that the game is youth soccer.
  • I will know my league Rules and Procedures.
  • I will comply fully with the MSYSA and Anne Arundel County Background Check Policy and ensure that all assistant coaches/managers complete a background check.  Anyone with authority over players must complete this check, with no exceptions.

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