AAYSA & ASA County Rostering Rules

County Coaches,

ASA wants to make sure that all county coaches are aware of the ASA and AAYSA rules regarding rostering players on county teams.

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in a game forfeiture, fines, or removal from the county league.

ASA expects every county league coach to have read the AAYSA & ASA county rules (located on the ASA website under the county section). A complete copy of the AAYSA rules can be found HERE

Summary of ASA & AAYSA rules for county team rostering:

1.) AAYSA & ASA do not allow multi-rostered players with in the county league (AAYSA). This means that players may only be on the roster of one county team playing within AAYSA during a season. Players ARE permitted to play in two leagues (i.e., Rec and County or County and travel – NCSL, CMSSL, BBSL, etc.). However, all players must be registered and rostered on both teams. In addition, coaches must be aware that there are specific AAYSA rules regarding the appropriate division placement of teams with carded players.

2.) All ASA county teams are gender specific only (i.e., all girls or all boys), no exceptions.

3.) All ASA county players must be rostered on both the ASA and AAYSA rosters. This means that all county league players must be registered in the ASA registration system and must also appear on the AAYSA roster that is submitted to the county league managers. These rosters MUST match.

4.) Guest playing or club passes are NOT allowed in the county league. All county players must be on the official ASA and AAYSA rosters.

5.) All ASA county players must be properly rostered (as stated in #3 above) before participating in any game.

6.) Each coach must have a copy of the official team roster available for inspection by the other coach. If a valid roster is not produced when requested, the team and/or coach may be subject to disciplinary action.

7.) A coach, who permits a non-rostered individual to participate in a game, will forfeit that game and may be subject to further disciplinary action.

8.) ASA only allows players to play up one age group. Playing up more than one year must be reviewed and approved by ASA on a case by case basis. ASA’s player placement and play-up policy can be found HERE

9.) Per AAYSA rules, a roster may be challenged on the field, but the continuation of the game is not dependent on the removal of an ineligible player. If the coach of the team being challenged is unable to produce a roster or if the players on the field do not match those on the roster, AAYSA Supervisor/Commissioner will then determine if any sanctions are warranted (sanctions could include forfeiture of already-played games and/or suspension of the coach).

If you have any questions you should contact the ASA County League Commissioners – Antoine Oliver at asacountycoaching@arundelsoccer.com.

We hope you have a great season,

Mike Kin, ASA President

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