What ASA section does my kid go in?

Click here for the US Youth Soccer Age Group Chart by Birth Year

Recreational Soccer

  • Minis (U4)
  • Clinic (U5/U6)
  • Juniors (U7/U8)
  • Seniors (U9/U10)

County Soccer

  • Boys and Girls (U8+)



 When you register, your kids are automatically assigned by birthday into the divisions.  Sometimes, a child will develop physically quickly and be ready for play past his/her actual age group. In REC if you note this in special request that you’d like the child to play up into the next age group, this will be considered during the time of player placement.   If the player is to be in a league at U9 or more, you must check with the ASA Registrar first to determine eligibility rules for play up.  Please click HERE to read about ASA's player placement and play up policy.

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